Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Don't Want Our Friendship To End.

Hello people ! How was your day today? Today is last day for 2011. So you all must be planning to celebrate New Year right? It's okay as long as you don't exceed the 'limit'. Hehe. But for me, I celebrate the last day of 2011 with my besties. They are my friends from high school. Actually, Nafizah should be here. But, she can't make it. So never mind. I hope we can meet after this. I don't want our relationship becomes far apart eventhough we're busy. We're BFF. For me, losing boyfriendsSSSSS is okay. But A FRIEND ? BIG NO ! I can't stand it. 

Sharifah Naqibah and Hanis Amira. :)

Melaram Hanis punya spek. Power spek saya dah kurang. Anda bila lagi?

Form 5. Shoot untuk school magazine? Remember?

Hai Nafizah ! We haven't meet for a long time. I MISS YOU ! :'(

Norfarazila Noruldin, Farhana Yasmin, Sharifah Syuhaida.

Sorry guys, takda gambar hampa semua.Tapi tapi tapiiii saya sayang semua kawan saya. Jangan terasa tau. Seriously nak upload gambar latest tapi takda. -.- To Fana, Fafauu, Shekin, Liyana, you all the best friends everrrrrrrr. (Y) Nice to meet you all. Gambar hampa semua tak upload sebab dah jumpak baru baru ni and dah banyak masa entry lepas. Pleasee jangan terasaaa tau tau tauuu. :) 

I hope 2012 will bring all cheers in your life and new year resolution may come true. Hoping that all your relationship with your partner long-lasting until Jannah. Huhu. Remember, achieve your dream and make your parents and family proud of you. GOOD LUCK GUYS ! 

Less than 1 hour, GOODBYE 2011 AND HELLO 2012 !


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