Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Unexpected 21st Birthday Celebration!

Tahu tak I terharu sangat haritu. 27 Oktober 2013, I'm officially 21 years old on that day. I don't expect for it at all. I jarang celebrate birthday and those fancy fancy things. Last I celebrate birthday yang i rasa happy sangat was on 2008 which is my last celebration with my late mum. Al-Fatihah (Sedekahkan al-fatihah kepada kesayangan yang telah pergi). After that, jarang sambut dah sebab rasa kosong kalau sambut. :(

But, for my 21st birthday celebration, I never know that my bf is planning something dengan anak anak buah dia, Fatin and Haikal. I didn't expect anything from him because we are student so selalu ada kekangan kewangan kan? Haha! So i thought there is nothing at all. He asked to go out playing squash together dengan Fatin and Haikal since they all ada training squash. So I think it's the best way nak celebrate birthday kan? Rare sikit. So he picked me up dekat hostel and we're heading to Johor Golf and Country Club dekat Larkin. Masa otw nak g situ takda pulak macam something fishy or whatever. They all act like tak tahu apa-apa. or maybe I ni jenis lambat pickup. Maybe. haha. So sambil tunggu Fatin and Haikal traning squash tu me and bf just macam biasa sembang macam takda papa. At 6 pm macam tu, they all da habis training bf cakap balik rumah kejap mandi and then go out for dinner dengan anak buah sekali. I said it's up to you. At this point pon i masih tak dapat tangkap apa-apa. Kalau dalam running man tu maybe i ni macam Kang Gary kot. True Gary. Haha! 

anyone for my match? heh

Dah sampai rumah and bf asked me to stay in the car for a while pon i masih tak dapat tangkap lagi what is he's up to. Ya Allah! Sepatutnya time tu i dah boleh catch dah. T_T. Okay okay kat situ bole nampak dah yang i ni innocent jugak di sebalik muka sombong, ganas ni. haha. Then, I just sit dekat meja makan luar. Pandai dia suruh bibik keluar sembang sbb nak divert my attention kan? Suddenly dia keluar dengan kek yang comelll and also my favorite cake sambil nyanyi lagu happy birthday yeayyyy!


Yayyy happy 21st birthday to meeee!

OH MY GOD. i was so surprised and blur right away. happy and speechless. bf saya ni sweet jugak rupanyaaa. i love you honey!

tau tak sayang nak potong cake ni.........
 Dan upacara suap menyuap pon bermula. Maafkan visual kurang jelas. Maklumlah masa ni chaos gila sebab as you can see in the pictures dia paksa nak suapkan i. Maafkan kerakusan kami. Haha!

The best part is when he's presenting my birthday gift. OMG! Fossil watch yang similar dengan dia. He said we can match it together after this. Awww nanges nangesss!

Thank you honey for the celebration.Thank you Fatin and Haikal yang jugak kelam kabut buat persiapan eceh. Thank you Kak Ujik datang bagi mcdonalds. Sayang semua! 

To my bf, i love you so much and thanks for the love,care, time and support you given me. I wanna stay with you, get married, have babies and happily ever after.

My wishlist. 

till then. xx 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fitness Freak!

So I think it's quite weird for me posting this stuff but errr I need some changes. Back then, i was so unfit, gloomy, out of shape, inadequate bla bla bla. Not saying I'm so fit right now but I'm getting better compared to my old days. You guys wanna know what inspired me for turning out like this?

Don't you feel sooooooo nice to have this body? 

So here, I give myself a challenge I mean really hard-to-do challenge for me. I try to less consume sugar for a month. All my drinks are WITHOUT sugar, drink water, eat clean, less oily food, no junk food etc etc. I even go out for workout, some cardios and all the fitness stuff thingy. 

I did this for my own good. Not for show. It's like a satisfaction to me when I see there's a change to my body tone. I want to keep this thing up regardless of what people say. 'Kau dah kecik la tak perlu nak jaga badan sangat'. I got this a lot but one thing you don't know is, if you don't keep yourself on track, you'll lose control. 

Good luck to myself!

"No sugar, eat clean, workout for 21 days, you won't even think twice on day 22" - Source:


Saturday, September 14, 2013

A new life chapter.

Assalamualaikum. Erm actually I don't know how to start but what I'm trying to tell is the new chapter in my life just begin. I don't get any homesick or whatever shit at all at first, but I start to feel it now. I'm so far farrr away from my hometown and it's my first time being in Johor Bahru. Allah bless me....

And together with my former coursemates from GMi(mostly), we started our next education here in UniKL MITEC which located at Masai, Johor Bahru. I gotta tell you something this place is wayyyyyyyyy different from GMi. I don't want to mention what is that lol sorry i have to admit that.( I think i miss GMi too much maybe....)

Since our classes just started this week and there's so much work have to be done (MARA loan, credit exemption bla bla bla)

With this much of credit exemption, I managed to finish my degree within 3 years only lucky me!

 That is my class timetable. Phew gotta be a morning person almost everyday plus I still working part time at Starbucks and a full time lover to my man hehehehe so TIME MANAGEMENT is important. I can do this! You go girl! (my boyfriend is also here, same course, same class hehehehe)

I paste this polaroids on the wall. They are my kryptonites. xoxo

Right now all I want is to spend my very superb weekend with my boyfriend. Till then, goodbye!

At Country Garden Beach, Danga Bay. They say it can be the next Sentosa Island!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I am almost there.

July 2013, just wait and I can't wait to finish up my diploma and find work or further my degree. If  Allah will. Amin. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Can I take your order? :p

I bet you guys a bit surprised why suddenly I made up my mind to work as barista at Starbucks right? Well, actually it's my own decision and some other reasons why suddenly I want to work. To gain experiences(of course!), to solve my financial problems, to prove someone I'm not a spoil brat little girl in family and if I'd listed I think it's not enough though. Hihi :D so let's roll people.

First stage : Interview

Stroll myself with le girlfriends at Mines Shopping Centre located at Seri Kembangan. Then, I saw Starbucks Coffee kiosk. I filled up the application form and passed up to the staff. Actually I didn't put too much hope to get this job. But then after 2 weeks later, I got a voice mail (because I woke up late that day hahahahaha!) and he said he's from Starbucks The Mines and asked for call-back. Then I called back the store and the one speaking is the store manager who asked me to come for an interview. So I told him I'm only free on Thursday since I didn't have classes. So accompanied by Ms. Safrina, my vah-vah-voom favorite lecturer cum my English advisor for my FYP group I went through the interview. I'm still not sure whether i can get this job or not but you guess what? I MADE IT! I MADE IT! I MADE IT!

Second stage : First Impression


Blame me for the excitedness. Can you bear with me because I'm too 'gedik' and 'teruja' with this thing. You know I really want to become a Starbucks partner because it's a new thing for me. I don't like coffee  like AT ALL. I wanna try this new thing I told myself. Meet my new partners, Sarah, Ain, Vincent, Za, Syahid, and Shark. Our store's management team, Mel, Adli, and Azman. Ops did I mentioned before why we called ourselves as 'PARTNER' not 'STAFF' OR WHATSOEVER you called it? In Starbucks, we called ourselves as partner because we want to create a family bonding which is friendly and lovely environment. Wah gittew kauuu. So my first impression is with Azman also the store manager. The first thing I had to do is GREASE TRAP! The cuci-cuci paip yang penuh dengan wasted whipped cream, chocolates chip, milk things! Euww sikit ah nasib baik Starbucks only have wasted milk, chocs chip, chocs and dairy thingy in their grease trap. Sarah, a gorgeous barista looks like Neelofa taught me how to make FRAPPUCINO AND HOT DRINKS! I struggled for like 3 weeks to master. And it's a must for every baristas to handle Point of Sales (POS) means you'll be handling with cash. 

I'd prefer pictures do the talking. 

Also working in here. :)

Nickname from drive thru's partners ;p

Kill the boredom with Sarah :D

My store <3 td="">

Bar area

As for now i'm at LCCT and eyes get sleepy already! Still waiting to board into flight right now. I shall get my fav ice Mocha! xx

p/s : Still working at Starbucks The Mines and sometimes at Starbucks Drive Thru at Petronas which located at the KL-Seremban highway. You can come and meet me. :p

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