Saturday, March 3, 2012

Guitar dan Lalang

Assalamualaikum. Hey ! It's been a while since I've updating my blog. I think it's almost a month. Well, I'm only here just because I wanna share the photos here. Me totally enjoyed that day. It's an awesome evening with Cat, Shaha, and Afif. Thank you. (even tak boleh swimming haritu.)
Oh I'm so in love with the tone of the pictures. :D

Photographed by Shahamirul Shakrim. 

I love this the most! 'Accessories hunter'

Guitar - Luthier (courtesy of Afif Manab)
Shades - Rayban (courtesy of Cat)
'Bad' ring - Fashion Bazaar, The Curve
Bangle - Jitra Mall
Dress - Berjaya Time Square (can't remember which boutique!)

The bokeh.

It's so hot here. Ignore my expression.

And alsoooooooo....

Shaha, the photographer. 



Meet abang-abang handsome.

Photographed by Afif Manab.

Cheeky smile. Jyeah! And yes guitar ni nampak besar dari saya. -.-

The photographer.

Location : Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside.

Now tell me who love the pictures? Me love them ! Kbye

Thank you for viewing !
Till then ! Byeeeeee *kiss* :D

P/S : Sorry, I didn't resize all the pictures so that you can view a great resolution of the pictures. :)


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