Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello hello 2012 !

Tomorrow is 1st of January 2012. How's your 2011? Good or bad? Keep in your heart and let bygones be bygones. Learn what we've done but surely not to regret. Let's start 2012 with something that will motivate us to lead a good life on 2012. All sadness, broken-heart, tears of losing, heart-ache and so on, please throw them far far far away. 

Be happy. Secret to look young.

C'mon ! Let's start with something that bring goodness in our future. We still have ambitions to achieve. That's what we're fighting for right? So friends, I hereby, wish all your dreams come true. Let's fight for what we want. Make our parents and family proud of us. Don't forget Him, up there. Insya-Allah, He will be with us. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL ADIK-ADIK ! okay, bajet macam kakak-kakak. -.-

Petang semalam. Sukanya tengok Naqibah. She's pretty much ! (Y)

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