Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our First Trial.

Hello and assalamualaikum people! Today, I will share to all of you of the outcomes of me and Fana's project yesterday. If you guys wanna know what are the project. It's a makeup project. Huhu. I just wanna show my makeup skills and Fana had become my makeup 'victim'. Sorry Fana, I tak pro nak makeup orang lagi. But, I would like to thank her because she's willing to be my talent yesterday. Do you wanna see the outcomes? Let's roll out. :)

Foundation - Naturactor
Maybelline BB cream - Natural
Compact powder - Maybelline Angel Fit
Eye primer - Code 02 by Elianto
Eyeshadow - Shimmer gold + Matte brown + Black (all by Elianto)
Mascara - Black. Super Film by Maybelline
Eyeliner- Stay on Pencil Liner and Liquid Liner by Elianto
Lipstick - Pink in Afternoon by Revlon
Blusher - Blushing Mauve. Smooth Minerals by Avon

Saya jurumekap, photographer untuk semalam. 

So how was that? Comments and critics please. :)

Till then. Tschus! :)


  1. cantikkk...
    kim salam kat kwan kau ...
    cantik ...
    ko pon cantik ...

    1. Hehe. insya Allah. Thank you atikahh. :)

  2. Kalau teruskan bertudung kan cantik ?

    1. Jangan salah faham. actually itu adalah dua orang berbeza. yang bertudung tu kawan saya. Dan Insya Allah saya akan bertudung nanti. Doakan saya. :)

  3. kak fateen ley makeup kn t.. hehehehe..


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