Thursday, July 26, 2012


Have you ever feel insecure? Have you feel left behind? Well, it's normal to have these kind of feeling. As long as you can manage yourself and it does not affected your daily life. I do have insecurities too. I am a petite girl with the height of 149 cm and weighted about 46 kg(my current weight). With that figure of the body, myself can be classified as normal. But to me, because of my height is 'under height', I feel like I have to reduce some weight until it reaches 40 kg. I know it's ridiculous, but at least I wanna look skinny proximate to my height. It's not that I'm not being grateful for what I have now. But, I wanna ask you some questions. What will you do, if you found your favorite pants but you can only see and touch them as your big thigh and big butt doesn't fit to those pants? What do you feel, if you're 'under height' and all you need is a pair of high heels just to look taller? Of course you feel sad and disappointed right? Hmm..... Feel very 'plastic' right?

10 FACTS about my clothing and style.

1. For dress, I wear size 34.
2. Mostly my T-shirts are M-size.
3. I wear size 4-6 according to the brand of shoes.
4. Mostly my shoes collection are 3-5 inch heels.
5. Does not like wearing flats.
6. I wear black to be 'safe'
7. Accessories hunter. (etc : earring, bracelets, necklace, rings)
8. I love to see my hair freely moving not being tied.
9. Always carry big bag because I put lot of things on it.
10. Without wearing eyeliner, my face is 'naked'

Actually, I have these weird habit. I don't feel confident if I'm not wearing high heels. It's not a good practice, I know. But, with my height and I wanna look taller, I think it's a must to wear high heels. You know,my sister always recommend me to wear flats because flats look cute on me when I'm wearing dress(I wear dress mostly). But I still ended up wearing high heels because of this insecurities feeling. If I'm wearing flats, I feel FAT + SHORT when I'm walking on the street! I wanna look fabulous when I'm walking by the way. Okay, bajet sangat nii. Hahaha. :D

"Always walk around like you have an invisible tiara on" - Paris Hilton

Here's my favorite shoes.

Many people will think that I'm not grateful after reading this. It's not I'm not grateful as I've mentioned above. But do you want to look beautiful, dear all ladies out there? Of course yes, am I right? So, what we have to do is BE CONFIDENT! Yes, beauty is confidence. Don't matter what you've heard about what people complaining about your shape and appearance, but all you have to do is keep your chin up, head up and ignore them. Most of all best accessories that you can wear is SMILE, no matter guys or girls. Keep smiling and your personality gets better plus anyone will love you with your smile. Tak rugi pun kalau senyum dekat orang. Senyuman itu kan satu sedekah.

"Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about."

Let yourself be yourself. Till then, Assalamualaikum. :D

P/S : I'm just try to reflect myself and these writing is a note to myself. No offences. :)

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