Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Day Out With Friends and Family.

I got to say that I am lame and so sorry for late updating my blog. Actually, I do have a lots of story that I wanna share. Because of my broadband have been suspended(I didn't pay the bill!), so I have postponed my intention to update my blog. But now, I'm already paid my broadband bill and I can update my blog againn. Yeayyyy for me! *clapping hand*

On 9th June 2012, I've spent my energy all out with my friends and family. Hahahahaha you know why I'm saying that? Okay lemme tell you about my schedule on that day. *bajet retis*

As early as 4.30 am in the morning, my roomates, Fify, Kak Leen and Reena already woke up and get ready for BROGA HILL! Yeayyy! Actually it was a last minute plan okay? Tiba-tiba rasa macam nak tengok sunset konon. Hihi. So, at 6 am, we start our hiking, and saya lah orang yang paling cepat semput.  Berapa kali entah berhenti sebab terlampau semput ya Allah. Fify, Reena and Kak Leen jauh ke depan. -.-
I'm half dead, I swear. Memang fizikal kena kuat la kalau nak hiking. Okay I don't wanna blurbs anymoreee. So let's the pictures do the talking.


Duck face anyone?

Who run the world? GIRLS!

Reena, Fify, Kak Leen.

Baru lega semput.

Wajib ada sesi fotografi

Tak kurus pun panjat Broga. Tipuuuuu.......


That was the first part of this story. Okay let's go through the second part of story.

Fatim, Rizha, Bella and me planned to have a girl's day out. Jadi, lepas baik punya plan sebab tunggu Rizha balik dari Kedah so tak sangka sangat plan kami ni jatuh pada harini, which at the same time, I've got a call from my sister yang dia tengah otw datang KL from Melaka! Omgeeeee. Okay to be flexible, I told my sister that we will meet up at very late evening as I've already made a plan with Fatim, Rizha, and Bella. So after pickup Bella, Fatim and Rizha at Shah Alam, We headed to Berjaya Times Square.

Teppanyaki! Chicken and beef set for my choiceeee!

Fatim and Rizha!

Rizha, me, and Fatim.

Rizha and me.


P/S : Sorry Bella, I can't upload your pictures since you are already wearing hijab and I want to respect you. Congratulations Bella. Stay istiqamah. :)

Waitttttttttt! Please bear with me. There's one and last part of my story. Stay reading. Chilllll... >.<

So move to the next part, after me spending time with them, I have to say early goodbye to them because I've promised my sister to meet her at Jalan TAR by 7.30pm. It's been a long time I didn't meet her. So, we went shopping for baju raya here. And what does she doesn't know is, me and her friends planned for a surprise birthday party for herrrr! Okay, her birthday is on 10th June. Not saying much. Here's the pictures.

Happy Birthday Chaq!

See what I've got for baju kurung???


Meet my sisterss. Kak Chiq, Kak An, Kak Dani and the birthday girl.

Can you believe all this happened on the same day? And yes, I'm so tired as hell on that day. But it's okay as long as I got time to spend with my loved ones. They are a part of me and I am lucky to have them. :')


Till then, Assalamualaikum W.B.T

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