Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vintage Floral

Hey all!

 Alhamdulillah, finally I managed to steal some time to update my blog. It's been a while right huh? It's not  that I'm busy or what but I've got some problem with my broadband and that's why i can't update my blog. (and now I'm using my company's wifi. hihihi.). Talking about my company, well for past 3 months, I'm very busy since I have to seek for a place for in-plant training. At last minutes, I've got two places for in-plant training which at Johor and Kedah. And I have to choose my current company since it's nearby my house. So it would be easier for me. No need to find rented house and so on. Plus, I didn"t have driving license so it would be difficult for me. 

 So straight to the point, since I haven't update any photos on my blog for a long time, I wanna share here some photos of me and my loveliest friends at KL Vintage Festival 2012. If it's not mistaken, I think this festival is on 7th May 2012, at Nasi Kandar Pelita, Jalan Ampang nearby KLCC. It's a long time ago and hard to remember. (I have short term memory illness. Huhu.) Here, there's a bunch of vintage stuff for collections and guess what? On that day, I managed to 'steal' 2 pairs of shoes and denim jacket. I told ya it's really worth it! So here's the pictures of the day. Enjoy!

Brogues : Brown, RM49
Jacket : Denim, RM35
Wedges : Vincci, Yellow, RM79.90

This is what I wore that day.

Rayban, credit to Cat. hihi :D
Blouse : Kitshcen, RM59.90
Floral skirt : Kitshen, RM59.90
Bag : Times Square, RM40

This is my girls, Fatim, Rizha, and Shekin. See how colorful are we! 

They said my style was stood out in the crowd of fashion-goers, so they featured me in their website.
 Here's the link!
Tongue in Chic!
I know I am chubby, but who give a damn?

Remember the bottle? It's 70's, people.
Shekin is wearing gorgeous accessories with electric blue skirt and bawal.

Me and Fatim. She is wearing white T-shirt matched with mustard and brown skirt. Plus, I love her feather necklace. She's soooooo CUTE!

It's me and Rizha the gorgeous. She is wearing mustard maxi dress with pink batwing top. She matched it with floral scarf and SHE LOOKS FABULOUS! Look at her ring too.

Three of us. 

Fitting my new-bought jacket. 

Polaroid of us at IKEA food court.

Sorry Apis for interframing. 

Apis, Shaha, and Ubai. Brothers FTW!

Till then! Assalamualaikum.

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