Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love Love Love

Full of Love by Hizami Aziz Photography

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Photographed by Al Putera

Thanks for yesterday's shoot. It was totally nice. Being blessed by the sunset view there. Thanks too Hiroki, Al Putera, Apt Syazwan, Jecp Aziz and friends. Haritu photoshoot pembukaan semester break saya and photoshoot semalam ialah penutup semester break saya. Thank for the memories. This semester break was the best ever. So great to be one of your team. All the best for you all. All lucks in this world may be with you. I will keep supporting you all :)

Group photos with talented photographers.

P/S : Critics and comments needed pleasee ! Me still need more practice too look taller and have to DIET MOREEE ! :P


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