Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fitness Freak!

So I think it's quite weird for me posting this stuff but errr I need some changes. Back then, i was so unfit, gloomy, out of shape, inadequate bla bla bla. Not saying I'm so fit right now but I'm getting better compared to my old days. You guys wanna know what inspired me for turning out like this?

Don't you feel sooooooo nice to have this body? 

So here, I give myself a challenge I mean really hard-to-do challenge for me. I try to less consume sugar for a month. All my drinks are WITHOUT sugar, drink water, eat clean, less oily food, no junk food etc etc. I even go out for workout, some cardios and all the fitness stuff thingy. 

I did this for my own good. Not for show. It's like a satisfaction to me when I see there's a change to my body tone. I want to keep this thing up regardless of what people say. 'Kau dah kecik la tak perlu nak jaga badan sangat'. I got this a lot but one thing you don't know is, if you don't keep yourself on track, you'll lose control. 

Good luck to myself!

"No sugar, eat clean, workout for 21 days, you won't even think twice on day 22" - Source:


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