Friday, September 16, 2011

saja suka suka. :)

assalamualaikum readers and followers. :)

sorry kebelakangan ni sangat busy. well biasa lah bila back to college jarang dapat update blog. kebusyan, kemalasan, bla bla bla. ni pun sbb tgh free. kalau tak memang malas la kan. HAHA. :)

okay, back to story.

harini saya dengan Reena, my room mate, youtube-ing the make-up tutorial by Michelle Phan. For briefly explanation, Phan ialah seorang artis Youtube yang sering membuat tutorial mekap. since she's now is popular on Youtube, Lancome had assigned her to be the first and only video spokeswoman for the French make-up line, Lancome.

klik sini untuk explanation lebih lanjut. TQ.

So, I came out to try one of her tutorial.

firstly, i would like to introduce my Partner in Makeup Crime. Nur Farhana Zaidi.

On the right hand side is my bestfriend of mine, Nur Farhana Zaidi, also my partner in crime in this stuff. She ask me to upload the result on my blog. so here it is. :)

hasil tak se-expert Michelle Phan. but i'm still trying. :)

okay, jom cuba tutorial ni. ada banyak lagi tutorial dekat Youtube. you all bole subscribe Michelle Phan punya channel dekat sini.


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